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Getting Started

Learn the basics of using Fluid Configure.

UI Components

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User Guide

Guidance for Fluid users.


Working directly with Fluid APIs.

Configure 3.0


Configure 3.0 developed by Fluid (an Astound Company), is the market-leading, custom product configuration platform that is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile experiences. It is an on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with a robust, proven feature set out of the box for simple and rapid implementation. Configure 3.0 seamlessly integrates with any eCommerce platform, and scales to meet any level of consumer demand.

Nearly every feature in Configure 3.0 is API-based, providing a flexible user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and allowing you to choose from Fluid’s standard best-practice UX or to tailor each component to match your brand’s specific requirements.

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Product Personalization

Customers can add names, logos, photos, or graphics to products.

Product Customization

Customers can create their perfect product from a practically limitless range of possible combinations of elements, from colors and patterns to functional components.

User-Generated Content

Shoppers can customize products by applying their own content, including graphics and photos.

Social Sharing

From influencer-inspired starting points to an interactive social gallery, Configure 3.0 makes social engagement a key part of the customization experience.

Clear Benefits for Retailers and Brands

Personalization and customization can make a big difference to your customers—and your bottom line. Every day, more than 7,000 products are customized using Configure 3.0, amounting to more than $300 million in transactions yearly. Configure 3.0 clients have seen:

Growth in Average Order Value

Boost in conversion rates

Increase in customer loyalty

Robust Set of Proven Capabilities - Out Of The Box

Configure 3.0 is an on-demand, custom product configuration platform that not only meets the back-end data management needs of retailers and brands, but also offers a rich front-end experience for creating one-of-a-kind products. And because Configure 3.0 automatically keeps product information up to date and renders their creations in photorealistic quality, customers never face the disappointment of unavailable options: what they build is exactly what they’ll get.


Configure 3.0 provides ultra-fast, photorealistic image displays, without the overhead of large 3D model downloads - allowing users to interact with product configurators across any browser or device.

Photorealistic And 3D-Friendly

Configure 3.0 leverages photorealistic 3D models or actual photos of your customizable products that are highly interactive and engaging. Customers can feel confident that what they create on your site will meet their expectations, dramatically reducing return rates.


Configure 3.0 is designed to integrate with any eCommerce platform and embed seamlessly into your existing web properties.

Built For Scale

Configure 3.0 is hosted on Amazon Web Services-based infrastructure to ensure scalability, availability, portability, security, and simple geographical distribution.

#1 Customization Platform

Personalization and customization make a big difference to your customers—and your bottom line. Fluid has more than 25 clients using Configure 3.0, and every day more than 7,000 products are customized for a total of $300M in transactions yearly.

Experience It And Then Talk To Us

These are just some of the features and capabilities of Configure 3.0. The best way to understand the personalization and customization it enables is to try it for yourself. When you’re ready to transform the online shopping experience for your customers, contact us at hello@fluid.com.

Why Fluid?

At Fluid, everything we do comes down to one thing: turning shoppers into buyers. For over 15 years, we’ve been creating commerce experiences and software that transform how people shop. Through a fusion of strategy, design, and technology, we are continually breaking ground in the digital space, while never losing our focus on doing what makes sense for our customers and helps them to drive revenue.